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Sales Reports and Dashboards

To excel, managers and business owners need to know exactly how the business is operating at any given moment, including the current top problems and the status of key performance indicators. With Inperium Sell, you can stay on top of this vital information simply by checking the sales reports and dashboards.

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Monitor key performance indicators for your teams

Monitor key performance indicators for your teams

Stop struggling to piece together what’s happening across your business. With the informative graphical widgets and charts in Inperium Sell, you can quickly understand the accomplishments and challenges of your sales and marketing teams. Adjust your business strategy in real time and monitor the effectiveness of your decisions.

Improve your strategy with accurate income projections

Improve your strategy with accurate income projections

Get clear insight into your sales and marketing success over a given period: completed deals, new leads, emails sent, customer renewals and upsells, and more. Use this information to accurately forecast income and revenue, set appropriate goals for your teams, and monitor your progress toward stronger business outcomes.

Provide visibility into individual and team progress

Provide visibility into individual and team progress

Enable both managers and team members to track critical performance metrics, such as income generated from deals, number and size of deals won and lost, completed tasks, and much more. Everyone can clearly see how successful they have been and exactly who to emulate in order to become a top performer.

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FAQ about Sales Reports and Dashboards

What are sales reports and dashboards?

Most CRMs provide basic, text-based reports and dashboards that detail various aspects of your sales and marketing processes. Inperium Sell takes reporting to a new level with concise data widgets and compelling graphs that enable you to not just answer specific questions but uncover valuable insights for fueling business success.

Do I need to set up the sales reports and dashboards?

No. The dashboards and reports in Inperium Sell come preconfigured, so you can start using them right out of the box. You just need to pick a particular type of deal for a certain sales team during a specific time period – and you are good to go.

What are the benefits of the sales reports and dashboards?

The Inperium Sell dashboards and reports provide clear, quantitative insight into the business metrics that matter: the activity of your sales and marketing teams; the number of open, closed and lost deals; income projections; and more. All of this information is presented using clear visualizations on a dynamic panel, so you always have a clear view of your current position.

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