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Smart Invoicing

Request an invoice —> Wait for your accounting department to draw it up and email it to you —> Check it for errors —> Wait for a corrected version. That process isn’t just clunky, it’s downright wasteful. What if you could pare it down to a single click? Just select a contact in Inperium Sell and the CRM will automatically generate the invoice you need, whether it’s a one-time bill or a recurring invoice.

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Save time and avoid errors with automated invoicing
Save time and avoid errors with automated invoicing

Having to contact the accounting team and wait for them to create an invoice for you is frustrating — and also increases the risk of errors. With Inperium Sell, sales managers can issue accurate invoices literally in one click: All the required details about the client, products or services, and prices will be automatically pulled into the invoice.

Accelerate financial flows in your organization
Accelerate financial flows in your organization

It’s a simple fact: The longer it takes your organization to send out invoices, the longer it takes for you to get paid. Speed your cash flow by eliminating the need to manually request, prepare, print, and mail client invoices. With Inperium Sell, sales managers can produce invoices and send them to customers themselves, without all the expensive delays.

Reduce the burden of recurring invoices
Reduce the burden of recurring invoices

Never forget an invoice again. Inperium Sell can automatically generate invoices on the schedule you specify, saving you time, worry, and potential embarrassment. You can stay in complete control of the process with easy review of all invoices, just the invoices awaiting payment, or just the invoices that have already been paid.

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FAQ about Smart Invoicing

What is Smart Invoicing?

The Smart Invoicing feature of Inperium Sell enables sales managers to issue invoices right from the CRM, without the need to involve the accounting team or touch complex accounting software themselves.

How does Smart Invoicing work?

You simply choose the contact you need to invoice in Inperium Sell; all the necessary data is automatically pulled from the system. You can also easily track which invoices have been paid and which ones are still outstanding.

How are invoices sent to clients?

You can either download the invoice as a file and attach it to an email you send to the client, or simply provide a link that the client can use to download the invoice on their own.

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