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SMS and WhatsApp Integration

Want to reach more new customers, and retain the ones you have? Use the communication channels they love! With Inperium Sell, you’re not limited to phone calls and emails; you can easily send single or mass SMS or WhatsApp messages to attract new clients and build strong relationships with your current customers.

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Increase sales with instant messaging
Increase sales with instant messaging

When people want to interact today, they are likely to choose instant messaging over phone calls and emails. If you’re not using SMS and WhatsApp, you’re not part of the conversation. With Inperium Sell, you can seamlessly message customers individually or in bulk to drive brand awareness and generate sales.

Retain customers through ongoing communication
Retain customers through ongoing communication

How can you keep your clients from jumping to a shiny new competitor? By making them feel valued. With Inperium Sell, you can easily keep in touch with customers through instant messages that resolve their issues, keep them abreast of your new offerings, and even congratulate them on public holidays or personal events.

Save time with easy-to-use templates
Save time with easy-to-use templates

Crafting accurate and compelling messages doesn’t have to be a painful exercise that takes over your day. Inperium Sell includes SMS and WhatsApp templates that you can easily fine-tune to your needs, ensuring a unified style and error-free text while saving you and your team enormous amounts of time.

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FAQ about SMS and WhatsApp Integration

What is SMS and WhatsApp integration?

The SMS and WhatsApp integration in Inperium Sell enables you to quickly send short messages to current clients or make a mass mailing to potential customers via either SMS or the popular WhatsApp platform.

How does SMS and WhatsApp Integration work?

The integration enables you to send messages directly from the Inperium Sell CRM platform — you never need to interrupt your work and shift over to a standalone SMS or WhatsApp application.

Do I need to manually enter the client's address to send an SMS or WhatsApp message?

Nope! Thanks to the seamless integration, you just select a contact in the CRM and choose one of the addresses you already have stored in the database. It’s just that simple.

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