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Custom Text Snippets

Custom Text Snippets

Sell CRM makes your written communications more efficient and helps you to avoid tedious rewriting of the same text.


Inperium Sell

Custom Text Snippets

Save time and avoid errors with Sell CRM

Sales representatives spend a lot of time crafting emails, messages, and notes. Make this process easier and more accurate with text snippets in Inperium Sell! Users can create as many of these reusable text blocks as they like and quickly insert them into any message, eliminating both the need to type them all over again and the risk of misspellings and other mistake.


Improve communications by saving well-crafted phrases

You can carefully compose, proofread, and save the phrases you use over and over again, such as your favorite greeting, a polite answer, a standard reminder, or an idiomatic expression. Then you can quickly insert any of your snippet phrases into any email instead of struggling to find the most effective words. Check out examples of useful phrases in our blog post.


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FAQ about text snippets in Sell CRM

What is a content snippet?

Text snippets are short blocks of text that you proactively create, proofread, and save in your Inperium Sell CRM. Then, when creating a new email, you can quickly insert any saved text snippets.

What are the benefits of text snippets?

Text snippets save you the hassle of retyping phrases you often use over and over again, while helping you avoid embarrassing typos and other errors. Plus, you can improve the appeal of your messages by having well-defined and beautiful phrases right at hand. A couple of clicks and your carefully written and perfectly formatted text is inserted exactly where you need it.

How do I create a text snippet?

You can create and manage text snippets on the snippet screen in the Inperium Sell CRM. For details, see this article

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