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Two-way Email Synchronization

Two-way Email Synchronization

Connect your external email accounts to Inperium Sell CRM


Inperium Sell

Two-way Email Synchronization

Automatically sync and log CRM email conversations

Nobody uses just one tool to connect with clients and prospects. That’s why Inperium Sell includes two-way email synchronization. You can send, receive, and manage your messages either through the CRM or using the email client on your phone or other device. All actions are automatically synched on a regular basis, so no matter where you are, all your correspondence is up to date and conveniently at hand.


Link mailboxes easily to make your work more efficient

Stay informed about all new messages that come to any of your email accounts — without having to switch away from your CRM. The two-way email sync in Inperium Sell notifies you of any new inbound messages and enables you to respond promptly, while ensuring all emails are regularly synced to your external email accounts.


Have your entire email history at hand

Conveniently navigate through all of your email communications. It does not matter which platforms you’ve used for sending and receiving emails — you will see all conversations you’ve had with a client logged in your email CRM software. Check messages in the Inperium Sell Message Center or on the client, deal, or company page.


Don't waste time on routine tasks to keep things organized

Inperium Sell saves you the hassle of having to work with the same emails over and over again. Simply connect your inboxes to read, send, delete, and move your CRM emails in whichever platform you’re using at the time, and all of these actions will be automatically synced between your external email accounts and your CRM. Plus, Inperium Sell makes it simple to filter, sort, and search through your emails. Staying on top of your electronic correspondence has never been so easy.

And even more about email management with Inperium Sell

Bulk email

Bulk email

Save time without risking that your emails will end up in spam filters. You can easily personalize a bulk email message and Inperium Sell will send it to each recipient individually.

Exclusion from logging

Exclusion from logging

See which CRM records each email is associated with, and easily exclude sensitive conversations from being logged, either in specific records or anywhere in the email CRM system.

Email open and click tracking

Email open and click tracking

Know when the emails you’ve sent have been opened or replied to, as well as how many times each link in the message has been clicked on.

Integrated email CRM tools

Integrated email CRM tools

Craft the perfect email in a flash by taking advantage of email templates, custom signatures, text snippets, variables, attachments, and more!


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FAQ about two-way email synchronization

What is two-way email synchronization?

Two-way email synchronization enables you to link your external email accounts with the Inperium Sell email management software. When you’ve set up your email integration, you can easily sync contacts and send and receive emails from any linked platform at any time, and your actions in one system are automatically reflected in the other.

What does the process of sending and managing emails look like when email synchronization is enabled?

You can continue to work with messages in your external email service just as you normally would, and you can also manage them directly from Inperium Sell using a very similar process that takes no time to master. The email sync feature ensures your mailbox stays up to date in both systems.

Can email synchronization be temporarily disabled?

Sure, you can easily stop synching any mailbox with Inperium Sell for as short or as long a time as you like, and then resume synching just as easily whenever you’re ready.

Does Inperium Sell fetch old emails when a new email synchronization is set up?

Yes, when you connect a new email account to Inperium Sell, we will fetch all messages from the previous 90 days.

How often does the syncing occurs?

Inperium Sell syncs your accounts every few seconds (or sometimes few minutes). However, if you wish to update your inbox immediately, you can do so using the “force refresh” function.

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