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Unified Contact View

Unified Contact View

Sell CRM allows you to access all customer-related data in one place.


Inperium Sell

Unified Contact View

Manage each contact’s details and activities in one place

Find any information you need about a contact in seconds. The Inperium Sell unified contact record includes personal details, all related activities, and links to companies, deals, invoices, and attachments. It's never been easier to work with contact records!


Save time with all contact information right at hand

Stop wasting time switching between different screens to find the information you need about a contact. Inperium Sell collects all contact-related records, deals, events, and other details in one place. With this data at your fingertips, you can prepare effectively for meetings, respond to unexpected questions, make more informed decisions, and close more deals.


Optimize your sales process while delivering a better customer experience

Empower your sales team with complete and accurate contact records. The Inperium Sell CRM automatically logs all interaction with each contact, and allows you to add notes about meetings, create tasks, and more. All this information is tied to a particular contact and can be accessed whenever it’s needed.

And even more about contacts

Easy contact management

Easy contact management

Change a customer’s details on the fly during a call, or switch from viewing their profile to sending them an email or invoice.

Flexible filters

Flexible filters

Filter or sort contacts using any built-in or custom property to quickly hone in on the information you need.

Automatic activity logging

Automatic activity logging

Save valuable time while ensuring accuracy and completeness with automatic logging of emails and calls.


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FAQ about unified contacts in Sell CRM

What is the unified contact view in Inperium Sell?

The unified contact view Inperium Sell provides all information about a contact in one place, eliminating the need to switch between multiple screens to prepare for meetings, answer questions from customers, compose emails, or complete other tasks that require customer details.

What kind of information does Inperium Sell stores about contacts?

The information stored about a contact includes:

  • Personal information, such as first and last names, phone number, email address, social media details, and job title.

  • Information about activities with the contact: calls, emails, tasks, notes, etc.

  • Related information, such as links to deals or invoices, attachments, and the users responsible for the contact.

How can I manage a contact’s data?

On the dedicated contact page, you can filter contacts, sort them by different properties, show or hide data, change the order of columns, import contacts in bulk, and so much more!

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