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Unified Deal View

Unified Deal View

Get instant access to all deals’ details with Sell CRM.


Inperium Sell

Unified Deal View

Find all important details of each deal and move your leads through the sales funnel faster

Inperium Sell makes it easy for you to move leads through the sales funnel faster than ever before. The CRM provides a unified view of the details of each deal, along with its complete history from initial contact through closing!


Speed your sales process by seamlessly managing your deals

Reduce the time your teams spend searching and managing the details of deals. With Inperium Sell, you can easily filter, sort, and modify deals according to your needs. For example, you can see all the key stakeholders for a deal, review open quotes, check out any associated invoices and attachments, track activities such as past conversations, and so much more! Focus on the deals that matter most to your company and deliver revenue growth!

And even more about deals in Inperium Sell

Deal dashboard

Deal dashboard

Quickly see all your deals on a dedicated dashboard.

Deal value & weighted revenue

Deal value & weighted revenue

Find out how much a deal is worth and how it contributes to total revenue.

Deal access permissions

Deal access permissions

Granularly control rights for viewing, modifying, and deleting deals based on deal ownership.

Custom properties

Custom properties

Create your own custom properties to record the details you need about deals and more.


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FAQ about deals in Sell CRM

What kind of information does Inperium Sell CRM store about deals?

A deal in the Inperium Sell CRM typically includes all deal-related details and activities, as well as links to companies, contacts, quotes, and invoices.

What is deal value?

The deal value is a number that represents how much a particular deal is worth. It’s often calculated based on the products included in the deal or the most relevant quote.

What does win probability mean in Inperium Sell?

Win probability in Inperium Sell is a percentage-based value that estimates the chances of sealing the deal. It helps you to better understand your sales flow.

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