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Web Forms for WordPress Websites

Web Forms for WordPress Websites

Acquire new leads automatically through web forms on your WordPress website. Easily create forms that capture leads and automatically transfer them to your Inperium Sell CRM.


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Web Forms for WordPress Websites

Generate more leads on your WordPress website and transfer them easily to your CRM

Your website is a great place to generate new leads for your business, especially if it has content that sparks the interest of your target audience. Built-in web forms can automate the capture and accounting of those valuable leads. Inperium Sell offers a WordPress CRM plugin for easy creation of web forms for generating leads on WordPress websites.


Automate lead generation and capture

Turn your website visitors into valuable leads, with no manual effort from you! Simply integrate your WordPress website with Inperium Sell CRM and embed a web form using our free plugin. All data that your website visitors enter into the form will automatically be sent to your Inperium Sell CRM.


Collect information about contacts, companies, or both

The forms you create using the free Inperium Sell plugin for WordPress can collect details about both the individuals who fill out the web form and their companies. The Inperium Sell CRM will automatically create the appropriate new contact and company records for you.

And even more about web form integration

Easy plugin installation

Easy plugin installation

Installing our plugin is a piece of cake. You can find a brief guide on how to install and use the plugin on its page in the WordPress plugin directory.

Tag records created from your web form

Tag records created from your web form

To distinguish records added via the web form plugin, just add a comment. It will be visible in the activity timeline of each contact and company created by the form.


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FAQ about the Inperium Sell CRM WordPress plugin

What is the Inperium Sell WordPress plugin?

The Inperium Sell WordPress plugin automates lead generation and capture. You can easily create forms and add them to your WordPress site pages or posts, and all data that your website visitors fill into the forms will automatically be transferred straight to your CRM system. You’ll get new contact and company entries in your CRM, without any manual effort from your side. (Please note that the plugin works only in combination with the Inperium Sell CRM, so you have to have an active Inperium Sell subscription).

How do I create a web form?

Building a lead capture form using the Inperium Sell plugin is easy. Simply use checkboxes to select the fields you want included in your form. You can choose from all the default contact and company fields, as well as any custom properties you’ve defined for those entities. You can learn more about the process in our blog article.

Do I need to maintain this CRM website integration?

After you’ve configured and published your form, it won’t require much maintenance, even if the configuration of your Inperium Sell CRM changes over time. For example, if you delete a custom property used in a form, the form won’t stop working; the system will simply ignore any data entered into form fields that no longer exist in your CRM.

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