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Call Recordings and AI-Based Transcriptions

No one can give customers their full attention if they have to manually record all the critical details during the call. With Inperium Talk, your teams can focus on the business at hand without worrying about taking notes. The AI-powered speech-to-text technology will convert the entire conversation into a text transcript with high accuracy. And it’s not just for sales calls; it’s equally useful for your technical support, legal, and other teams.

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Empower your teams to focus on the customer

Empower your teams to focus on the customer

Lift the burden of note-taking off the shoulders of your sales people, support teams, and other staff. Inperium Talk records each call and produces a clear, accurate transcript, so you have all the important details you need to produce a quote, solve a problem, draft a key document, or simply augment a client's profile so you can communicate with them more effectively in the future.

Avoid unpleasant and costly misunderstandings

Avoid unpleasant and costly misunderstandings

Ever attempt to decipher the notes you hastily scribbled down during a call? Or racked your brain trying to remember key details after you hung up? Mistakes and omissions are inevitable. With Inperium Talk, you have a complete, accurate, and unimpeachable record of exactly what was said during each call, so you can avoid misunderstandings that could otherwise lead to disputes or even legal actions.

Build a warehouse of institutional knowledge

Build a warehouse of institutional knowledge

All too often, information critical to business success exists only in the brains of specific employees. When they leave, you can lose all understanding of past negotiations, the meaning of agreements, and so on. But with Inperium Talk recording and transcribing these conversations, you can retain important information and share it among and across teams to maximize its benefit to your business.

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FAQ about Call Recordings and AI-Based Transcriptions

What is AI-based call recording and transcriptions?

This feature of Inperium Talk uses artificial intelligence to deliver highly accurate speech recognition and sound-to-text transcription.

Do callers know that their calls are being recorded?

In many parts of the world, organizations are legally required to warn callers that the conversation is being recorded and that continuing the call constitutes consent for the process. Since laws differ, Inperium Talk does not automatically offer a warning to callers, but it does make it quick and easy for you to add one. Remember to check with your legal team to ensure your warning complies with all applicable mandates.

How accurate are the transcriptions?

The AI in Inperium Talk is thoroughly trained to understand both ordinary speech and specific business terms. As a result, it produces highly accurate transcriptions of conversations, whether they include customers, salespeople, support teams, managers, or others.

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