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Custom Business Hours

In today’s global economy, business calls can come in at any time. Your organization might not be open 24/7/365, but Inperium Talk’s automated receptionist is always on the job. Simply define the business hours for each of your phone numbers and rest assured every call will be handled as you specify, based on the day of the week and time of the day.

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Ensure calls are handled appropriately, every time

Ensure calls are handled appropriately, every time

Want calls to your tech support line routed to a specialist during the day and to an instructional message at night? Should calls to your main number go to your IVR menu during business hours and to voicemail the rest of the time? No problem! Inperium Talk will automatically perform the actions you choose for each number, maximizing efficiency around the clock.

Easily configure your custom business hours

Easily configure your custom business hours

With Inperium Talk, you can set up the business hours for a phone number in seconds: Simply specify the start and end time for each day of the week. If your needs change, you can update the settings in just a few clicks. You can even create multiple auto-receptionists for a number and activate the one you need at a given time, such as a holiday or special promotion period.

Keep customers happy, even after hours

Keep customers happy, even after hours

With Inperium Talk, you can record custom greetings and apply them to calls to the appropriate numbers during both business and non-working hours. This ensures that callers are always provided with useful information, such as how to find help on your website, how soon they can expect a response to their message, or when a new product release is scheduled.

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FAQ about Custom Business Hours

What is the purpose of custom business hours in a phone system?

Many organizations need to have calls handled differently at different times of the day or days of the week. With Inperium Talk, you can define the business hours for each phone number and specify what actions the auto-receptionist should take during the different periods. For example, you might want calls to your support line to go to a technician during your guaranteed service hours and to a dedicated voicemail at other times.

What phone numbers can I set business hours for?

You can specify business hours and associated actions for any phone number registered in Inperium Talk.

Can I have different business hours for the same phone number during holidays?

Yes! You can create multiple auto-receptionists for the same phone number and assign different business hours and actions to each one. Then you simply activate the desired auto-receptionist during the holidays.

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